Why are Tow Truck Drivers on TV Always Balding, Fat, wearing Overalls?

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The complaining about TV experts have really found a strange subconscious trope in television here. When is the last time you remember a tow truck driver on TV being a normal skinny dude with nice cloths and a polite voice? Why do they always need to sound gruff with their belly button somehow showing even though they’re wearing overalls? This is a major science problem the masses need to handle at once for the benefit of the future of mankind!

It doesn’t cease to amaze me the kind of bizarre subconscious labels we can put onto a profession as a species. Most of the people who drive tow trucks that I’ve met didn’t wear overalls and chew on a rod of wheat. Maybe I’m thinking mostly of old black and white TV shows but even modern ones always have tow truck drivers looking like ex convicts who couldn’t fit in at the motorcycle club. A friend of mine from high school became a tow truck driver and she’s a normal skinny Asian lady. I’m so proud of her. She’s 4 feet tall and going around hauling the cars of real wheat chewing hicks out on the country roads of inner British Columbia, Canada. Why can’t TV tow truck people be more interesting like her? She also plays field hockey!

I swear, the next time I see a guy with half his hair missing and a stained set of overalls hanging loosely on his body swagger out of a tow truck on TV I’m going to eat another piece of pizza and laugh at how ridiculous this whole situation is. Can you really blame me for complaining about this on a blog? I’m mean, like … come on!

If you want to see what real tow truck people look like go find a random tow truck website. I did this for an hour before deciding to write on this serious topic, and almost died laughing. I found a bunch of good ones, but my favorite is: https://towtruckkamloops.com/

You know, there’s just something I like about it. But back to the topic here. I mean, what are script writers dotting down when they come up with their stories. Do they just know that a scene wouldn’t make sense without a tow truck driver in it so they just close their eyes and every single one of them envisions the same exact thing–a balding, large, middle-aged gruff man who doesn’t speak all that well and likes to chew on things? What’s wrong with the world?

I always say this, but “when I write” about a tow truck driver, I’m going to do us true complainers a big favor and make the person female, dressed smartly, using an educated vocabulary, smells good, wears glasses, likes to collect delicate wine, reads at night, and confuse every single human in the universe by doing so! TV watchers will look at this tow truck driver and they just won’t be able to wrap their heads around it. Their heads might even explode. Only you, my lovely readers, will understand and your lives will be saved.

Once again thank you for tuning into a wacky night of complaining about TV. We’re the complaining about TV experts, signing off! Until next time, we’ll be working to make TV klickable again!