Since When was Realism Overrated on Television?

Lately I’ve been finding myself watching old black and white films from the forties, not because the cinematography is way better, but because overall everything is a lot more realistic than the sappy shows on Netflix nowadays.

Realism seems to be a lost quality in TV and movies today, as Hollywood tries to satisfy all the stupid tropes that young people love so much. Classic tropes have always been somewhat unrealistic, even in ancient Roman literature, like committing suicide to avoid capture EVERY SINGLE TIME for instance, but with that said I can’t deny that tropes today are getting even more ridiculous, like Vikings wearing eye-shadow for example. At least committing suicide to avoid capture is practical.

Some recent examples of unrealistic nuisances in today’s television:

  1. Knights stabbing through each other’s armor as if the armor was made out of paper.
  2. Shootouts being so cheesy that bullets never hit and heroes can run through bullet-storms while extra bad guys die instantly from a wound to the arm.
  3. Romance being so drawn out and exaggerated that people fall in love within days of meeting each other.
  4. People in space with zero gravity having hair that doesn’t blow around like it should.
  5. Medieval kings doing petty work themselves and not having hundreds of officials throughout the realm doing it for them.
  6. Cars doing flips through the air and spiraling after crashing into each other.

If I didn’t want to rip out my brain I would try to think of more. To save myself some time I’ll share this YouTube video that explains some pretty stupid unrealistic tropes so common on TV and in Hollywood: Lindybeige Fire Arrows

I love YouTubers and other outlets that try to debunk a lot of the silly things you see commonly in entertainment, because people who are too lazy to the research themselves will sometimes take the untruths as reality and then spread these misconceptions even further.

If you know of any other annoying unrealistic things you see in movies and TV, feel free to complain in the comments below and we’ll complain alongside you!