Computers On TV Always Run Perfectly – Why?

Here at we’re trying to make TV klickable again by bringing attention to the thousands of things that are killing TV everyday. No wonder people are switching to YouTube and Netflix. It’s not just the commercials. The people who produce our beloved TV shows have a philosophy that says us viewers are too stupid to notice or care if nearly everything is incredibly unrealistic. Therefore they pump their content with misconceptions about life that viewers who’re too lazy to do their own research take for granted and consider practical truth. Another perfect example of this, which I’ll be complaining about today, is the fact that computers, laptops and other electronic devices never seem to have problems.

What do I mean by this? Well, how many times have you had to get your computer repaired in real life? How many times have you been annoyed by slow internet or a slow computer because of a virus or other bug? Now after answering this, answer this next question: How many times have you seen a character in a CSI show trying to solve a case get pissed off by his or her slow computer? When we see scenes of college kids studying we should see them sighing with annoyance as their research page takes too long to load up. Instead we see flawless, perfect computers because, lo and behold, Hollywood is full of lies!

And there’s this argument that these annoying misconceptions make TV better and more entertaining! FOR WHO? MORONS? Yup, that’s the only reason I can think of that these TV shows being so sloppy and unconvincing is that they are only trying to satisfy morons and everyone who is smart enough to notice and complain shouldn’t be wasting their intellectual time watching TV anyways. Well, I just happen to be smart AND and fan of TV, so…

If by some rare chance you’ve seen a TV show I’m unaware of that shows a character having a problem with their computer and needing some PC and laptop service then by all means enlighten me in the comments below. I look forward to television entertainment in the future where respect is given to realism because for me it’s not only more interesting than fake made-up nonsense but also educational as we get to see insights into what life is like for others.

The scene that annoys me the most is when there’s a lazy kid in a messy apartment who has everything in his life in disorder; his closet is unorganized and stuffed to the lintel with junk; his sink is full of dishes and moldy; his clothes are wrinkled and covering the floor by his bed; but miraculously his laptop runs smoothly like a charm as if his junk folder and hard drive isn’t in the same condition as his closet!

I think it would be quite realistic and entertaining if this said lazy character tries to do a Google search and finds that his computer is so slow he yells in anger and throws his coffee mug across the room. At least have it so he has to look out the window while he waits for it to load. It might be a way to introduce a new character or show something funny like a cat farting on a dog. Or maybe you could come up with something funnier.

I’m far too busy to ever consider writing TV scripts but I know if I did they would be the most realistic shows on television. That’s because I can’t stand seeing these misconceptions any longer. Someone has to do something about this though so you might as well check back here in the future. Maybe I’ll announce my great success hit in ten years. Who knows, eh?

Hit like and share if you agree computers and laptops should occasionally reveal some truth about the universe. Because we all know they’re not perfect! Thanks for reading and expect more complaining soon.