Are You Worried About Super Computer A.I.? Well, Star Wars Isn’t!

Super computer AI (artificial intelligence) is one of the biggest science fiction tropes on TV today. But it wasn’t so in the ’70s when Star Wars was created so it’s understandable that super computer AI isn’t in the Star Wars movies. I also don’t remember seeing it prevalent in Star Trek, but I’m going to complain about this anyways because we still don’t see super AI in the new Star Wars and Star Trek movies.

Computer power around the world is doubling frequently and it isn’t long before we have computers that will be smarter than a single human. This worries people because a super computer with mega AI might decide to exterminate the human race. Despite this popular fear we don’t see computers like this in a lot of futuristic movies. Some did like Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and The Matrix. But why not in the new Star Wars movies?

In my previous blog post I talked about why laptops and other electronics always seem to function optimally on TV without difficulties, even those belonging to lazy people who never clean their closet let alone their desktop recycling bin. That theme fits well into this discussion because mayhaps even a super computer with AI might need a computer repair service every now and then, unless they have robots to do it for them under their own control. But then I ask “How would the super computer still be able to control external robots if it was malfunctioning?” Perhaps that’s another fear we should consider–super AI malfunctioning! That would be like the equivalent of a human going mentally insane or something.

I’m not an expert in computers and technology science, but my super nerdy geek friend who does computer repair victoria fixing broken computers all day is. She came to a powerful revelation yesterday after reading my post. I already warned you she’s a super nerd, so don’t be surprised if her revelation isn’t as powerful for you as it was for us. I’m a geek, too, but not when it comes to electronics and software like her.

Her revelation was “What if Jar Jar Binks is a robot with super AI?” In order to understand the power of this you need to know the secret unspoken lore of Jar Jar Binks’ mysterious manipulation of events in the movies. I think there’s a YouTube video about it worth checking out.

Now we do see some fairly intelligent robots with AI in Star Wars like R2D2 but they’re not quite the super intelligent computers we’re talking about here. We’re talking about the kind of intelligence that can run whole empires more efficiently than the senate ran ancient Rome! I’m sure R2D2 would make a great leader, but I think the little cute robot is far too nice to make the kind of harsh decisions required to keep an empire afloat.

It would be interesting if Jar Jar Binks, the clever genius who uses goofiness to hide his true intentions, was a robot with AI and that would make a lot of sense. But I did more thinking about this and wondered what would happen in the Star Wars universe if we took this theme one step further… “Uh oh” is right!

R2D2 robot

Here me when I ask what if the evil Sith Lord, in desperation to keep the evil empire afloat, was replaced by mega-super AI? What would the consequences be? If the evil empire was controlled by a computer that was so smart it could conceive of the most genius ways to take over the universe, the Rebel Alliance would be doomed! This is a scary thought because we all love the rebels for a good reason.

I dream of becoming a script writer one day and maybe I’ll pitch this idea to Disney, but not if one of you precious readers beat me to it. If you could run with this idea, would it even be possible for the rebels to combat this AI? Because, of course, the good guys would still need to win or else it wouldn’t be a Hollywood movie. Maybe we could take a new approach and just let the bad guys win. Or can you think of a way some rebels could defeat a super AI? It would be a lot more difficult than just doing what they did to the Death Star, because the AI would be so smart it would predict every possible threat and immediately work to prevent them.

I was thinking maybe someone on the inside could blow up the super AI, but even this would be predicted. But then, hmmmm, what if “the force” is the answer? That’s it! A good guy working for the evil empire could use the force somehow to hide his thoughts and behavior in a way that even the super AI computer would not be able to see it coming.

Oh yes! There we go folks. I just gave you the blue print for the best Star Wars movie ever!

It’s completely normal for us to be scared of super AI because evil is a very real force in the world and it’s not too hard to conceive of even computers being evil. If collective technology suddenly decided to band together and destroy us because we’re a plague upon the universe, would they even be wrong in doing so? I think the answer to that is “yes they would be wrong” because what I can’t conceive of is robots being able to make music and art better than we can. And if humans were gone would they even have the need to create artwork? After all, only humans appreciate such things. Maybe they’ll find art so boring they’ll just kill us all to get out of the chore of making it for us.

Well, that was my thought for the day. Shout out to my awesome Canadian computer nerd friend for giving me the inspiration to write this. I hope you found it interesting. And feel free to pitch my idea to Disney. There’s a good chance I’ll never get around to it. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to keep complaining about everything wrong with TV!