Reality vs. What Hollywood Thinks We Expect

realistic TV shows

The reasons why historical movies and TV shows are very unrealistic is because there is a big difference between reality and what producers expect we think is reality. They don’t want to show us what’s real. They want to show us what we expect to see in order to give us comfort. After all, if we saw true reality it might be uncomfortable.

But I want to argue this is backwards thinking and has been going on for too long. I demand more reality in my movies and TV shows because I desire to learn more about the real world. When I watch a TV show about cops in NY I don’t want to be fed a bunch of BS. I want to learn cool facts!

The reality might show real historical cases being solved accurately, but TV, of course,w ill show us some CSI: Miami-type nonsense that would make no sense in the real world.

So the more we expect to see actual facts in our visual entertainment, the more it will appear. Let’s help this go along faster by telling all our friends about this issue. So long as the masses continue to expect to see BS in their entertainment because it makes them comfortable, the more people like me will have less to watch. I’m really sick of seeing unrealistic stuff in my movies and TV shows and it’s about time for change!

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