3 Tips for Writing Your Own Script for a TV Show (Do’s and Don’ts)

This is an area I’m no expert in, but I will be eventually. Over the years of being a mega TV nerd and critic, I’ve learned a lot about what makes a good script and what doesn’t. For today, I want to give 1 piece of advice for starting your own TV show script and 2 things you should avoid.

The best piece of advice you’ll ever get from a non-expert blogger when it comes to becoming a TV script writer is, GO TO SCHOOL!

It’s never too late to become a university student, no matter your age, and there are courses in almost every university in the Writing faculties and departments for writing scripts. Although most of these courses will focus on movie scripts, you can still apply what you learn to TV shows. Everything from themes in creative writing to how to technically lay out the formatting of your script will be covered by professional teachers and so you don’t have to worry about learning all this on your own.

That was my one piece of advice, which was given to me by a pro and I plan to use it myself. Now it’s time for the don’ts!

  1. Don’t write haphazardly and expect your script to be accepted! Once you have your first script finished, put it aside and write your next one. This will ensure that you get better and eventually you’ll have a great script on your hands. But if you’re like me and have this one idea you’ve had for so long that you just know it’s good when you write it for the first time, listen to your heart. Get feedback from friends before you spend time submitting it to places because there’s nothing worse than finding out you just wasted a bunch of time.
  2. Don’t use your head if your heart isn’t in the game! I recently learned this lesson from watching the movie Jerry Maguire and I think it applies greatly here. If your heart isn’t in the game, your head is useless. In order to write a great script that surpasses the millions of mediocre scripts being submitted to places every year, your’s must show heart and passion. Of course it’s not impossible to succeed without this factor, but it’ll be much harder. In other words, you don’t need to be a genius if your heart is driving your work. So if you know your heart isn’t in the game, get it in the game before you start writing!

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