About Us

Well, we don’t hate TV. In fact, we love it! Or else why we even take the time to complain about it? Sometimes we may rant about the things you can do while watching TV or we’ll nitpick all the things that’s wrong with our favorite TV show at the moment, but deep down we’ll never stop loving TV.

Complaining can be annoying, but some science says it’s also healthy and can prove to lessen stress levels, because once you complain about something you don’t have to think about it anymore, kind of like when you throw something in the garbage you don’t have to carry it around with you anymore. Not to say that you’re garbage … you know what we meant!

We enjoy complaining about things that annoy us anyways, because we’re different, and we know there’s a weird audience out there who loves reading about all the things that are wrong with their favorite TV shows, which is why we made this blog. It’s fun and all to complain by ourselves on a couch, but it’s even more fun when people can read it and respond.

And we watch all kinds of shows so you can expect complains in all fields. From science fiction to fantasy, detective shows and romance, to nature documentaries, celebrity news, music videos and more, we’ll find something to complain about!

We’re experts at complaining about what we don’t like on TV, and after reading enough of our rambling you’ll become one too!